I have seen a lot of articles discussing post delivery blues, which can sometimes turn into Postpartum depression but not many on the third trimester blues. Which I think I have been experiencing lately. My original intent with this blog was to post at least weekly detailing my experience in the last trimester as first time mom. But unfortunately that hasn’t happened. Because honestly the past few weeks have been a little overwhelming.

Today, I am officially 39 weeks, and it looks like I may go past my due date 😦 which is July 19th. As of right now, I have not dilated and my cervix just started thinning. Also, at my doctor’s appointment today my Ob was able to feel her head through my cervix which means she dropped. But there is no telling when she will come, I am trying to remain optimistic that she will come by her due date. But at the latest, she will come some point during 41 weeks by induction.

Back to my baby blues, lately I have just been feeling overwhelmed and a little stressed preparing for my future. Some of these stressors include:

  1. Not being prepared (I still don’t have daycare for her or much savings.)
  2. What if I am a bad parent? (Have I done enough to nurture her as she grows inside me? How do I make sure she has a good childhood?)
  3. How do I prepare for my unknown future? (I have no idea what’s going to happen with this big life change?)
  4. What are my future goals for myself that will enable me to give her the life she deserves? (i.e. career, family situation, schools, and where we should live)
  5. When will I deliver this baby? (She seems quite comfortable in here! LOL)

Obviously having all this on my mind has had me pretty stressed out, and feeling kind of stuck. Hence why I haven’t posted in a few weeks. I do hope to become more consistent. Have any other moms experienced this? And if so, how did you get through it?

38 weeks preggo
An updated picture of me from yesterday, 6/11/17. Today I turned 39 weeks 6/12/17

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