Celebrating Mother’s Day (34 weeks pregnant, 8 1/2 months)

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and I found myself plagued with one question. Actually I had this question all week leading up to that day. Can I actually celebrate mother’s day? And when do women actually become mothers? If you ask my boyfriend, I am not a mother until I give birth to our daughter. But I feel like I’m a mother already, and this is why.

  1. I am carrying my child! Mothers carry, grow, nurture, and feed their children especially when they are in the womb.
  2. I have already given up things I enjoyed to grow a healthy baby! These include; bottomless brunches with mimosas included, intense cardio (because it makes me dizzy), and my body (no more fit body with small waist).
  3. I think about her and future daily. I want to have everything she needs to have everything she needs to be healthy and happy.
  4. Everything I do is for her. Since deciding to keep my child (see first blog post) everything I do is for her and preparing for her. Some of this includes; the food I eat, how much money I spend, even determining my future plans and goals include her.
  5. I have this ridiculous love for her and we haven’t met yet.

In my opinion, the above points mean that I should celebrate and be celebrated on Mother’s Day as an actual mother…because I am. But since there is no consensus on whether you are actual mother when you’re pregnant versus giving birth, I decided to celebrate Mother’s Day with my mom and Soon-To-Be Mother’s Day with myself. It was great, we made brunch for my mother and I relaxed all weekend with my dog (no distractions from the outside world until church and brunch).

What do you feel about Mother’s Day and celebrating? Are you only considered a mom once you have an actual child to hold in your arms?

Me, my sister, and mom (left to right) on Mother’s Day.


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