My goal with this blog was to post weekly, but last week I missed the chance because I was in Paris! So this week I hope to post two different blogs. This will discuss my experience traveling from DC to Paris in my third trimester (30 weeks to be exact).

As I stated before, last week April 14-17th I had the opportunity to visit Paris for the first time, and it was an amazing trip. It went way better than I anticipated. I was honestly very nervous and apprehensive about this trip, because I am so far along in my pregnancy and it’s suggested that we travel in the second trimester. However, after speaking with my doctor and understanding that both myself and the baby were healthy I decided to take the risk.

Before discussing how I prepared and had a successful trip, I want to discuss how this trip was planned. This was actually a couple’s trip that included myself and my boyfriend, his best friend and wife. His wife found a really good deal on Groupon for a 4 night 5 day package to Paris, France at a really good price. When she sent it to us, we initially were unsure about the trip because I knew I would be in my third trimester, and I was unsure how traveling 12 hours would affect my body. So before deciding I consulted with my OB and he informed me that travel is fine up to 34 weeks, and I would be 30 weeks during the trip. So we agreed and trip preparation began. Some of the issues I faced when preparing for the trip were (1) the flight left from JFK, so getting to JFK in New York from DC (2) how to prepare my body for approximately 12 hours of travel (3) dealing with the size of my growing body/belly before and during the trip and (4) keeping myself and the baby as healthy as possible before and during the trip. Below I will list some of the steps I took to ensure I had a successful and fun trip.

How I prepared for my trip:

  1. Booked a flight from DC to JFK, instead of driving (because the amount times we would have stopped so I could pee would have been ridiculous).
  2. Purchased travel insurance for the flight to JFK and Paris, in case I was physically unable to participate in the trip.
  3. Continued teaching my Body Works classes, but incorporated 20-30 minutes of stretching 3-4 times a week to assist with keeping my muscles relaxed and loose.
  4. I tracked my weight using Myfitnesspal to ensure that I gained a healthy amount of weight, without overdoing it so hopefully I wouldn’t be heavy for my trip (carrying around this extra weight is tough!).
  5.  I started taking low dose aspirin (80mg) 7 days prior to the trip to prevent blood clotting (doctor’s orders). This continued throughout the trip until I returned home.
  6. I purchased support tops from Blanqi that lift the belly and provide lower back support for walking and exercising.
  7. I also purchased compression leggings, and socks for the flights to prevent swelling.
  8. A day before and throughout the trip, I drank a gallon to gallon and a half of water a day to prevent swelling, braxton hicks contractions, and hopefully alleviate a need to go to an international hospital. Hahahahaha
  9. During the trip, I drank only bottled water and made sure everything I ate was hot. I also stayed away from seafood just in case it was not cooked correctly.
  10. Lastly, and most important I listened to my body. We did A LOT of walking while we were in Paris, at least 10 miles a day. There were times where I felt a little light-headed, nauseous, or exhausted. During those times, I ate, sat down, or decided I was finished for the day returned to our hotel and rested.

All of these steps helped to prepare and ensure that I had a successful and enjoyable trip. Please note  that following these steps may not help everyone have a good vacation during 3rd trimester, but it helped me.

What are some things other people did who traveled in their 3rd trimester? 

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